Voice Artist

Christina Farah by Paul Richard Thomas

As an ambitious actress, dancer and singer originally from Lebanon, Christina Farah is quickly making her vivacious presence known in New York City. After less than a year in the States, Christina has wasted no time making a name for herself. She recently landed a lead role in the upcoming web series Quivr, in which she will put her quadrilingual skills to use in playing a French character; currently appears in the award winning film, The Insult, by Ziad Doueiri ; guest star on the monthly podcast Actsiders, which features foreign actors sharing their unique experiences in the US; and is in the process of writing her first play, which aims to focus on women in the Middle East and addressing female stereotypes. 


Christina has been making her mark as a performer around the globe since the age of 5. While social and political constraints tried to deter her from pursuing her dream, Christina sought out every opportunity to perform, including being a part of the acclaimed stage performance One Night on Broadway, which was the first broadway concert ever performed in the Middle East. Furthermore, her charismatic talent and love for the stage landed her a role in the play, In Love with the Wrong One, not long after setting foot on NYC soil. 


While garnering roles on both the stage and in film, Christina has also been the unequivocal voice of numerous commercial campaigns. With over 300 voice recordings spanning three different languages for radio and television that run the gamut from major brands such as Maybelline to documentaries and short films, Christina has undoubtedly solidified herself as a face and voice that wants and needs to be heard. 


Along with her rapidly growing stage and screen presence, Christina has spent considerable time behind the camera on projects. As the Director of a fashion TV magazine, she traveled around the world covering the industry’s biggest fashion weeks and interviewing some of fashion’s most notable names. She was also an integral part of the production for the film Waves 98 which won the first “Palme d’Or" for Lebanon at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.  


As a dynamic triple threat, Christina’s training in acting, singing and dancing spans across continents. She is currently studying at the Susan Batson Studio in NYC and recently finished Paul Michael’s “The Source” at The Network Studio. Moving forward, Christina plans to continue her work in both theater and TV/film, and longs for more opportunities to tell the passionate stories that bind humans of all cultures together.